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Few Days After Baby Died, Lady Called To Inform Me To Tell Hubby To Use Protection With Ladies;Naomi

Naomi, from Machakos county, emotionally narrates how her husband's mistresses called a few days after their newborn baby died to inform her to tell her husband to use protection whenever he meets with a stranger.

Just like any other couple, Naomi and her husband were very eager to receive their newborn baby after nine months of patiently waiting. Unfortunately for them, when she gave birth, the baby lived only for two days and later passed on. It was the most painful moments for them, she says.

According to her, they were unable to conduct a burial ceremony for their child because of lack of capital. It was disheartening, and she goes on to say that she doesn't even know where the grave is exactly because the hospital she took all the responsibilities to bury the baby. 

Later on, she expected that they would be there for each other together with the husband, but she was wrong. He became violent and didn't want to see her. Few days, after their child's death, she started receiving calls from different strange numbers and the voices were for women.

They had called to inform her to warn the husband to use protection on their first meeting. The ladies claimed that they had met the man on Facebook and after a few chats here and there, he invited them to a hotel and didn't care to use protection, Naomi says. 

It was the most traumatizing moments for her life, and she couldn't believe that her husband was a serial cheater all along and that he would be that careless. She hadn't even healed from their baby's death and here was another heartache, she states.

To add salt to the wound, when she confronted her husband about the issue, he beat her mercilessly and didn't even care to listen. According to her, that was the beginning of trouble in their marriage. Despite all the challenges she has gone through, she decided to endure the marriage since she has no place to go because her mother is a single mum, and she would rather not add her more problems.

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Machakos Naomi


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