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8 Things to Discuss with your Partner Before Having kids


Carrying a child and giving birth is a job for one person but there are plenty of other jobs partners can share to make sure they are together in the whole process; for instance caring of the baby, feeding, bedtime routine, changing diapers and bath time. Apart from these, there are other normal chores like cleaning, cooking, laundry among others. So it’s worth discussing this new routine so that one side may not feel overwhelmed

Financial choices

The process of taking care of a baby is definitely costly and it would be better if you both have a discussion on this matter. Create a budget together and you will determine the strength and weakness when it comes to finance. If you are going to be parents for the first time the cost might be even higher because you will be required to buy everything from the scratch

Disciplining a child

We all were raised differently, when it comes to teaching a child a lesson we might have different views that is why parents have to discuss this issue. The way you approach a situation should be in a unified way, besides there are better ways to discipline a child nowadays compared to how parents before used to do.

Where to raise a child

In some situation, even though the baby might be small you will be needed to talk about how and where to raise a kid. This might involve plans to move into a bigger house in future because of space and comfort. If there are no schools around, you might be forced to move to a place near such places

Having a health screening

This process is recommended not only because you might determine the gender of a baby, but you may also determine their health condition and act accordingly with the help of a doctor. If there are some issues it’s better to discuss early and be prepared for the child


Both of you might decide to go back to work due to some issues then you will be needed to talk about who will take care of the child when you are away. You may decide to have a relative around ; things do really change a lot when a child arrives and in all the situations, it better to make sure you and your partner are on the same page

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