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"She Doesn’t Know Her Job Description, " CS Jumwa Lands in Trouble With Kenyans After Her Remarks

Cabinet Secretary Hon. Aisha Jumwa now says, the government is going to arrest all parents are will be caught abandoning their parental responsibilities. However, the CS has landed in trouble with Kenyans following her utterances.

The CS, Hon. Jumwa, noted that, it has become a culture of the Kenyan parents to let their children out during the nights for the burial ceremonies locally known as 'Disco Matanga'.

The event is usually fully of music that rock to the skies and dances which typically attracts the youthful and adolescents across the Nation. However, the end results are usually so disappointing.

The CS, presumes, parents have been fond of neglecting their roles and when their children are injured, beaten and or impregnated during those ungodly hours, they blame the organisers of the event.

The practise, is a folklore traditionally meant to appease the sleeping spirits of the ancestors. The notion behind, the 'Disco Matanga' is that the departed soul needs to be soothed so that it goes easy.

However, the same functions attract other forms of societal vices that are so discouraged like immoralities among the teens.

"As a parent, you should always know where your child is. When a child leaves home for Disco Matanga where is the parent? Do not abscond your duties and allow your child to roam around then you blame Disco Matanga. The solution is to arrest a few parents and charge them," said CS Jumwa.

However, Kenyans expressed their disappointment in the CS, asking if her docket is purposed to go after parents or be in charge of the public services.

According to Kenyans, the CS is responding to issues that do not match with her job description, slamming the Kenya Kwanza government for their alleged failure to orient their CS.

Others, sacarstically, told off the CS to mind her business and serve the Kenyans who placed her at the very office.

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