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How To Be A Hero To Your Kids. Be A Superparent

You don't have to be a super parent to be a hero to your kids. It takes love, motivation and a workable plan. Positive parenting can transform you into a real hero to your kids. You have to learn how to demonstrate the kind of compassion, character and consistency that all adds up to being a positive role model. You will find being a hero is practical, fulfilling, and even fun. But, most of all, it will build the kind of relationship with your kids that will equip them to live fulfilled and abundant lives, even in dangerous and hostile world. What else would any super parent want?

The word hero and parent can sound a little incongruous. Parents have to do so much correcting and disciplinng, so much nurturing and nose wiping that the word hero does not seem to fit but in real logic, parents are logical to be heroes to their kids by following these plans.

You can con a con, you can fool a fool but you can't kid a kid. Parents need not to chance it but rather plan it. Parents are obliged to make rules but he should know that the rules won't work without relationship between them and the kids. 

Teach children acceptance. This helps build security and self worth. You should know if you accept them they'll accept themselves. Acceptance to parents says " you are somebody special."

Appreciation. This is the key to feeling significant . When you catch a kid doing something right you need to normalize appreciating the effort. Although do not grow to be a perfectionist as it puts the kid under pressure and fear .

Affection. For sure, children would perish if they are not shown affection . Parents should normalize the awesome power of a simple hug. Being available to your kids is important as it makes time to be a hero

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