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Road Accident

Parent Or Driver Who Is To Be Blamed?, Netizens Spark's Reactions After This Photo Surfaced Online

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Kenyans on social media have elicited mixed reactions after a photo of a primary school kid endangering his life by hanging at the back of a lorry on a busy highway shared on social media platforms.

According to that post report shared by Sikika road safety on their social media platforms, the photo shows a primary school kid on a uniform hanging at the back of a lorry on a busy highway.

Sikika road safety wants parent's to be careful with their children because according to that incident the driver of that lorry is innocent and he can't be blamed if anything bads happens because he can't see at the back where that kid is hanging.

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More cases of such incidents have been reported whereby some childrens have lost their lives while others sustaining more injuries hence making their parents to suffer.


Kenyans on social media have elicited mixed reactions concerning that post and many have shared their different opinions and thoughts. For example.

Some netizens have said that parents should not be blamed because that incident happened when that kid parents was away and doesn't know what is going on.

Also some section of Kenyans have said that the person who took that photo should be blamed because he should be alerted that driver to stop the vehicle and told him or her what's going on.

Some section of Kenyans have said that onlookers are the only people to be blamed because they are not acting on that matter.

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Whom do you think should be blamed for example something bad happens?.

Thanks for reading and we are urging everyone to obey traffic rules and regulations inorder to save lives. Remember also to stay tuned by following me for more breaking news all over the world.

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