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25-year-Old Bungoma Woman gives birth to conjoined twins

A 25-year-old lady in Bungoma has requested assistance after giving birth to a pair of conjoined twins.

Their mother, Ruth Nafula Wechuli, claimed that she checked into Nabwala Hospital on September 7 after experiencing labor pains.

She said that she and the majority of her kin had been taken aback by the birth. Since she is a homemaker and her husband is a small-scale farmer, she asked well-wishers for financial assistance.

After physicians determined that most of Nafula's children's organs are still in tact, they would be transported to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for specialized care and eventual separation. At Nabwala Hospital, the twin boys, who each weighed 5 kilograms, were delivered via Caesarean section.

Rapid Transit to a referral hospital

The twins were reportedly rushed to Bungoma County Referral Hospital when doctors discovered that they were conjoined from the chest to the abdomen, according to Citizen Digital, which cited the lead pediatrician Dr. Adisa Alea.

Despite the institution never having experienced such a situation, pediatrician Dickens Lubanga of The Referral Hospital claimed that they were in stable condition. In the area of medicine, a rare condition that occurs once per 60,000 births was described by Lubanga.

He complimented KNH for agreeing to execute the delicate procedure and said that the facility had the staff and resources necessary to do so.

"Pregnant women should schedule antenatal ultrasound appointments to plan their deliveries," Lubanga suggested. The conjoined twins were successfully separated by doctors. According to a related story on, Ervina and Prefina Bangalo, two adorable baby girls who were born with their heads linked back-to-back, were successfully separated after a difficult procedure. The team of 30 doctors and nurses at the Vatican's pediatric hospital in Italy conducted an 18-hour surgery and successfully separated the girls in the face of all the difficulties the medical procedure presented to them.

After having their third and final separation procedure on June 5, it was stated that the young patients were doing well one month later.

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