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Double Income No Kids Lifestyle Thrives in China as State Approves a maximum of Three Children

Source: The New York Times

Chinese have long been had a limit to the number of children until 2016 when their government authorized them to have two children. However the birthrate went down and now married couples have the consent to have at least three children something that the millennial generation has refused to subscribe to.

Many young Chinese citizens are blaming the economy and rise in cost of living for not wanting to have children. The feeling cuts across the country with some claiming that there are no enough schools and apartments that are children friendly.

DINK which is the acronym used for double income no kids is also used with couples who have no interests in having children. They prefer having better lives, living large with less working hours. Vasectomy which a method of family planning rarely used by Kenya male counterparts is not a big deal in China.

The news by the government for families to add more children has been met by so much protests as mostly said that they were already facing tough times taking care of themselves let alone three children. Women have also expressed their fears saying that getting pregnant will not guarantee maternity leave and payment from their employees. This is still common here in Kenya, though not spoken about, some employers if they realize employees are pregnant during the interview, fail to give them jobs even though they are qualified.

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