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Here's a Trick Used by Couples to Calculate Fertile Days

It's the dream of every couple to hold a kid close to their bosom.

Sometimes it takes more time for that dream to be realized due to the lack of knowledge regarding fertile days.

Let's define a few terms before we get started.

Safe days refers to the days in which a woman cannot conceive.

Ovulation day refers to the day an ovary releases the ovum (egg).

Fertile days refer to the day(s) that a woman has a high probability of conceiving in case of lovemaking.

So, when are fertile days?

Assume a woman X has a menstrual cycle of 28 days; day 1 being the first day of flow. In order to calculate the ovulation day, divide 28 by 2 to get 14.

This is because sperms are capable of surviving in the fallopian tube for 3 days before they die.

Therefore, if you subtract and add the three days of survival, you'll get the fertile days. That is, 11th to 17th day.

You can use the process of calculating your fertile days as previously done, regardless of the number of days of your cycle i.e. 26,30, or 32.

It's a joy to be a mum or dad. Be a proud one today.

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