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People Said That I Had Sacrificed My Children After 3 Of My Kids Died On Different Occasions- Lilian

Lilian Mumbi from Nairobi painfully narrates how she was accused of sacrificing children, after she lost three kids in different occasions under three different circumstances.

According of her she was born in Muranga in a family of four children. She finished her secondary education and she relocated to Nairobi to join college. After college she got a good job and she met a young man who worked in the same office with her.

They dated for a while and the two got married soon after. She got pregnant immediately after getting married and she gave birth to her first born baby nine months later. After three year as she got pregnant again and she delivered a baby girl after nine months.

She stayed for seven years without having another baby and they decided to try for their third born. She got pregnant and when she was giving birth the doctors realized that the baby had umbilical cord around his neck and he has difficulties breathing. Unfortunately a few hours after birth her baby died.

She was heartbroken but she didn't give up. Six months later she got pregnant again but when she was six months pregnant, she started bleeding and she went to hospital. An emergency C-section was conducted and the baby was placed in an incubator. However, three days later the baby died because his lungs were underdeveloped.

She was devastated woth her husband and they decided not to have another baby, but after two years she got pregnant again. She was excited and worried at the same time. Things went on well but as she was giving birth her baby died due to lack of oxygen while in the womb.

"I lost hope when my third baby died and I gave up." She said.

This news broke her heart and also shocked people in her neighborhood. They stopped visiting her house and they claimed that she had sacrificed her children immediately after birth. They pointed fingers and her and refused to associate with her in their projects.

Due to this she relocated to another area when she realized that her children were being insulted and humiliated because of her. After three years she got pretty again and she gave birth to s healthy baby nine months later. She has advised women not to give up when they loose a child and wait for God's time to have children.

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Lilian Mumbi Muranga Nairobi


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