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3 Things Children Should Know About Their Parents/Guardians

1.Parents Give The Best.

Do you know parents have unique insight into needs, tendencies and desires of child?

Although some children's may feel their parents are nagging them over small details,this is because they are caring.

It's wise to to listen parents because they are more experienced than us.

Youngsters find annoying when parents want them achieve better grade forgetting will better their lives later.

Here are some examples of how parents gives the best.

(i) Encourage early learning for ahead start at school.

(ii) Provide a playtime challenge for brain boost.

2.Parents Represent God.Ephessians 6:1-4, Exodus 21:15.

The word says children should obey their parents in the lord.

"Honour your father and mother " which is commandment with promise.

Do you believe parents can bless and curse?

The fact is the can.Here is alist of curses from parents.

(i) Physical and Spiritual barrenness.

(ii) Breakdown instead of Breakthrough

(iii) Demotion of all sorts.

By knowing parents represent God's treat them with love,care,and appreciation.

3.Parents Name And Tribe.

I believe you know the names and tribe of your parents?

This is very important in identification.You see,some children's as reported by certain newspaper, actually believe their parents name are "Mum" and "Dad"

This is very wrong try to understand your culture.

I hope this article is helpful to you please like and share to your friends to know more about their parents.

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