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Pregnancy period

Keep Yourself Away from " Odowa ", the Craving Stones, because of the following reasons.

Craving stones has become source of food for many expectant mothers .

They do take these stones in the name of adding more calcium ions into their body system . This however, has no truth as study reveals that craving stones contain little calcium ions .

Doctors argue out that what actually causes this habit is " Pica".

Pica is an illness that cause cravings to the non-food items . It majorly affects the pregnant mothers and other people with mental disorders .

For health purposes , women are advised to stop this habit especially during pregnancy periods . Instead , they should seak for medical check-up from qualified doctors when experiencing too much urge of eating these craving stones .

Some of the harmful effects of eating craving stones are outlined below :

1.Can lead to premature birth of the baby .

2. Eating craving stones during pregnancy may affect childrens' heath and their ability to learn .

3 It may interfere with the absorption of healthy nutrients which would eventually lead to deficiency of minerals like calcium and iron thus causing anaemia .

4. Servere constipation for one who takes little water after eating them .

5. Some of the stones may have been collected from spots where there were urine , faeces and other unhygienic matter . These could expose one to attack by intestinal worms .

6. May cause lead poisoning .

7. It may cause intestinal blockage ; bowel blockage .

So let us stop using these craving stones during pregnancy periods. It's for our own safety and that of our children . If you are a man , advise your wife or children . You can as well advise your girl friend or sisters if you are unmarried man or boy child . Prevention is better than cure .

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