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5 Outdated Dangerous Ideas we are Still Trying to Instill into our Children

Getting only the best

Raising a spoiled child is very easy and parents might not even recognize this. A child gets what he or she wants and whenever they want; when parents are committed to do this, they are making the child happy but on the other hand they are spoiling their future.

Such a child will grow up to become their own enemy, addiction, lack of responsibility and poor socials skills and selfishness. The best way around this is to always monitor their behavior and manners, do not let them disrespect other people. Also let them understand the value of money.

Always listening to adults

Every parents dream is to raise a child who is always obedience and follows whatever he or she is asked to. As good as this might sound, there are also some problem with it especially to their future.

Such adults will have problems defending themselves and they will be easily manipulated. Also they will have problems handling issues on their own without asking any question, this is why it is very important to let a child know when to say know

Getting an A is good, getting a D is bad

We all want children who are clever, smart and excellent. The sure way to make your child suffer from anxiety their whole life is to impose such a rule; there are some parents who are still mad because their children failed in a certain exam.

Such kind of behavior makes a child fear failures, it is better for a child to understand that failures will not affect their relationship with their parents. A child will eventually learn how to deal with negative situations and this will help in future in finding solution for such situations. In short, raise a child who is ready to overcome any difficulties in life, not a child who is afraid of failing

Only university degrees matter

Of course higher education is important when we talk about some jobs like being a doctor or even an aircraft designer but is that all we have? Nowadays most companies are looking for experience, a person might decide to go try something out there after high school, and they will surely get some experience on how to handle different jobs practically for four years.

Another person will go to school and learn about this job for that same period, after all both of them will have some experience. There are so many businessmen, beauty professional and artists without a degree.

Focus on studying and I will do the rest

Parents should not raise their kids this way, any person should develop a multitasking skill for them to survive in today’s life and take responsibilities. The multitasking skills come when a parents lets their children try out different things and have an experience. Things might get even worse when a parent tries to shield their children from all the problems

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