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"I Never Want to be a Mum or Have Kids of my Own, I Need a Partner to Explore The World" Lady Says

It's every lady's dream to have her own children but to Muthoni Gitau, she does not want to be a mum or even have kids and all she needs is a partner whom they can explore the world together.

According to Muthoni, not having kids is a decision she made on her own and she claims no one has the right to question her decision. Her relationship with the kids is good but she is not ready to be a mum.

Many criticize her because of her decision but she claims that she is never bothered with what people say about her behind her backs and all she is asking is for people to respect her decision.

Many people have been urging her to get married to a white man because no African man would marry her without having kids.

Muthoni claims many ladies in Africa are forced into having kids just because their parents wants to be grandparents but they never ask whether they are okey with having kids.

She claims that it's high time ladies do what makes them happy instead of doing things to make others happy and they are left suffering from inside.


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