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Natural Ways To Help Your Child Stop Bed Wetting

Bed- wetting in children over the age of 5 is not uncommon, but most children by this age develop a strong nervous system so that they can no longer pass urine unconsciously at night.

If bedwetting in children is not controlled or monitored, some continue to do so until they are 10 years old and that can eventually become shameful, especially in public places like camps, boarding schools, or dormitories.

This act of bed- wetting has been a huge problem for some parents, although some use wrong approaches to control while others don' t even know how to stop it. Some even believe rhetorical stories about it or call it " spiritual attack" .

However, if children who should have stopped it urinate, it may not all be a spiritual attack or whatever. Here below are possible causes:

1. Restlessness- Most children are too playful during the day and so their bodies tend to relax at night.

2. Food/diet- Ingesting sugary foods or diets that are hazardous to water can increase bedwetting in children.

3 Parental negligence- Most children between the ages of 1 and 4 will give certain signs that they want " wee" or " poo" , but parents don' t care about them just because of laziness or negligence.

4. Urinary tract problems. Of course, some children cannot urinate for a long time during the day either. You have to understand and endure with them.

How to Control Prevent a Child from Going to Bed naturally.

As a parent, just follow these guidelines to keep your child from wetting the bed:

(i) Monitor how he or she plays

Many children who are weathered get overly relaxed at night after a long and rough day of play. Make sure he or she reduces rough games during the day.

(ii) Pay attention to his diet

Reduce your intake of liquids and foods that contain too much sugar, especially at night. Food like Pap (Ogi or Agidi), drinks and juices increase the amount of water in the body. Make sure he or she doesn' t eat anything at least 1 or 2 hours before bed.

(iii) Watch over her in her sleep

Parents have to take it upon themselves to help their younger ones sleep at regular intervals during the night. Practice waking your children at least twice or thrice before daybreak. Remember, this won' t take long. You can only do this for a month or two until the child' s nervous system becomes strong and manageable.

(iv) Keep them disciplined during the day.

Help your children practice holding urine longer during the day to stretch the bladder so it can hold more urine.

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