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Importance of principle of clear- cut in parenting

This principle keep one from being passive and reactive parent and allow one to parent with purpose. Proactive parenting requires target. Effective parenting begin with positive clear cut objective. If you want to make real difference in the lives of your children, you will need to be convince by this principle. One can not get to the road to effective parenting until they have some idea of what kind of kid they want to end up with. Fear based on go with the flow parenting can be disastrous; the flow often goes in the wrong direction.

Positive clear cut objectives will guide ones decision making on the many occasions when decisions seem difficult to make, for example, what are you trying to accomplish with your children?, do you have a clear target? . As we examine society picture of parenthood carefully, it tries to convince us that target of a good parent is to ensure their children have high developed progress, refined social skills and the best most positive prestigious education all of which should lead to greater upward mobility in life. Parents bend back to focus on these , failure of which they feel as if they have done a bad job

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