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"I Would Tie My Daughter and Leave Her In The House. I Was Frustrated And People Helped Me," Beatrice Narrates

Beatrice Mwangi from Nairobi couldn't hold back her happiness as she narrates how people came through for her after her story was aired. This was after she came out to talk about her daughter who was born with Celebral Palsy and the challenges she met.

According to her previous story, Beatrice said that she had a prolonged labour and she suffered complications while giving birth. Her second child was born with Celebral Palsy and she was a beautiful baby girl. Her condition shock everyone in her family and her husband chose to abandon her and she was left as the only Breadwinner.



She claimed that she would tie her daughter with a rope when going to work because she couldn't afford a care giver or carry her for work. Whenever she forgot to tie her she would find her on the floor because she would fall from the bed.

She claimed that she lost her job because she couldn't keep up due to her daughter's condition. When her story was aired people were touched by her condition and they came through for her. Some of them sent her money and others sent her daipers.

"I couldn't believe it, I received calls from people from all over the country." Beatrice stated.

She said that she was moved from her previous house to a better home. A well-wishers paid for her daughter's therapy sessions and also bought a special wheelchair for her. Beatrice was also enrolled in a group where she met parent who have children woth Celebral Palsy.



According to Beatrice her life has completely changed and she can now afford a smile. She has started a small business where she sells food products and she is able to take care of her child.Sje is thankful to everyone who offered her help and jse believes that there are so many people out there who need help just like her.

She has adviced people to stop judging people with children that are disabled but instead support them. The support can be financial but also emotional.

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