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Get To Understand The Reasons Why Most Women Cannot Give Birth In The Normal Way Unless Operated

As we all know, the birth process is what most women admire; especially when it is very normal. Look at those women after giving birth. They really show a great deal of happiness! If they are escorted to give birth and their process goes smooth, you will hear celebrations and joyous sounds like ululations. This is a good sign for almost every other woman. But why do other women undergo challenges until they are operated?

When God created the universe, he made human beings superior; thus a man and woman. A man is the one in charge of impregnating a woman. Research was done on earth from the very first conception took 9 months before delivery. It was very normal.

What has happened to women reproductive systems nowadays? Most of them cannot give birth as expected. Some of these may be the major reasons for them not to give birth in the normal way unless operated:

1. Types Of Food They Eat:

These women should balance their meals. They should balance their diet by eating especially proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, plenty of water and foods rich in iron to replace blood loss during birth. If a woman takes excessive proteins as known, they may block her birth channels causing unnecessary fattening around the birth route. It is therefore advisable they take these proteins but in required quantities and not overeating them. If they eat meals in required quantities, their birth process will be very smooth.

2. Age:

If a woman is very old or very young, she may be forced to give birth through CS method. For the young ones; especially below 18, the birth canal may be very small to support the whole process. This will make her undergo an operation. For the old ones; which is very rare, the birth channels may have blocked. This occurs especially for those who have birth complications and have really taken long before giving birth. But this is rare, for those who like asking queer questions and abusing us writers, take note old age is not as main as under age. For the young women below 18 it is really a factor but for the old ones it is so minimal.

3. Doctors Who Have Become Greedy For The Desire Of Money:

Remember the world is really vast moving in terms of information and development. People no longer care. You may be admitted in hospital to give birth but some queer doctors decide you have birth complications thus you need an operation! Though not all doctors, some of them like this tendency.

I am not a physician but I have severally noticed this. What is your opinion regarding this? Follow my channel, share and comment where possible.

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