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As Long As Your Mother Is Alive, These Are all You Need To Do Before Regrets Strike You

Having mothers around is such a great feeling. The last mother's day I looked at people WhatsApp's statuses and saw the sweet captions each person had for the mother and I was like wow! They really deserve these. Enough of that, having a mother is a favor but having an alive mother is an indescribable feeling that every motherless person will dream to have. Doing her somethings is actually important because the bad enemy will come and pick her off and all you will be left with is regrets. Death is very rude and all you need to do are the following to make your mothers happy before she kicks the bucket.Make your mama proud. This is what you were born to do. You were not born to disappoint her all the time. She bore all your flaws, you peed and pooped on her. All you need now is not do the same. Make her the proud woman. Let her walk shoulders high because of you. Making your mama proud will never cost you. She will appreciate any little effort you make towards making her proud. All she needs to hear are the small wins. They mean much to her.

Never get ashamed of your mother. Whether she's poor, lame, blind, dumb or deaf. She is your mother and you will never change it. I've seen people on social media taking parents. It's not this way. Whenever you go, she will always be your resort. You will always come back after messing and she will fo better than forgiving you. Introduce her to your friends and peers so that they may know she raises such a hero!

Call her everyday if you get the opportunity. A talk with a mother is always very interesting. This is from my own personal experience as you find me talking for longer times with my mom than dad. This is somehow normal as a conversation with my dad will seldom take two minutes. I dont know whether you experience this too. Call your mom everyday and ask her how she is. If you have the audacity and money to call your girlfriend, why can't you do the same to the woman who gave birth to you. She deserves better.

Tell her how much you love her. Very few people say this. Mothers are the best so why can't you say the sweetest works to her. I know once you grow into your teen, you will find it weird to tell your mom such works. This shouldn't surprise you. She deserves your love and you need to renew it everyday you see her. Tell her how much you can't do without her. Give her forehead kisses and hugs before you go to sleep. You will miss such when she dies. Regrets do come but dont allow them to do so.

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