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Process of Confirming That The Baby Is Dead In The Womb

For it to be concluded that the baby is dead in the womb the midwife or the doctor will first listen to the baby's heartbeat using a handheld Doppler device. If there is no heartbeat in the body the doctor will recommend you to go for an ultrasound scan to check the heartbeat of the baby.

A mother may be able to feel the movement of the baby even after the death of the baby has been confirmed because of the change in position. If a mother insists that she is feeling the movement of the baby another ultrasound scan is done to confirm.

If it is confirmed that the baby is dead ask the doctor to contact someone who is very close to you. The news can be very devastating and you should have someone to encourage you.

Someone who have been in your situation will be there encouraging you and giving you strength until you deliver your still baby.

If you would like to see your baby or not is entirely your personal decision. You can even decide to take a photo and name the baby. The decision is entirely personal.

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