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5 Struggles Of Highly Gifted Persons

You walk into a room and start feeling tense for no reason. Or you stay silent when you know the answer to a tough question. Sounds familiar?

 You are probably among one of the rare highly gifted individuals. These unique struggles start from childhood.

You most likely learned to read faster and earlier than your peers. You were also a loner most times and others called you ‘weird’. You must be nodding your head by now.

 Do you relate even more to the following struggles?


1. You are a perfectionist

There is no room for mistakes or even slight mishaps. As a child you spent a lot of tie on projects and school work to get the perfect results. As an adult you are overly critical if you make any slights.


2. You isolate yourself a lot

You prefer time spent alone because you want to think and be yourself. You dislike any overexcitement like too much movement and noise. This can affect your social skills and increase social anxiety.

3. You overthink every little thing

Your brain must really overwork with all those endless thoughts. You run through every conversation you have ever made. Nothing misses you no matter how trivial. It can be exhausting because sometimes you just want to let go.

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4. You question the meaning of life

Unfortunate events and news can put you into a deep and dark rabbit hole. You question and analyse about death and life and reflect about the meaning of it all. Mostly this can lead to depression.


5. You stay up late

You are able to find more energy and concentration at night working. Your brain has reset that you can only be more active at night which makes you much tired during the day.

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