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Pregnancy period

Intake Of High-fat Foods Is Associated With Infertility Problems Among Women

A woman who is accustomed to eating foods high in fat and sugar without consuming too much fruit is at risk of being infertile research says. A study of women found those who are accustomed to eating fatty foods, 4 or more times a week, it takes them more than a month to get pregnant, than women who do not consume such foods at all. Many consumers of such foods, it is also not easy for them to get pregnant, over the course of a year, according to the human fertility report. Experts say that good nutrition improves the chances of getting pregnant. However, there have been some challenges with the study, including the issue of women trying to remember, what they were always eating when pregnant. The researchers found that women who consumed fruit three times a month take about half a month on average of being pregnant, than those who ate fruit three or more times a day. They also calculated that women with very low levels of fruit intake were at a 12% risk of not being able to conceive in less than a year, with the same condition being 16% of those who ate high-fat diet, four or more times a week. The study shows that eating a balanced diet, including fruits and less intake of high-fat diets, will significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy for women. While the researchers found a link between fruit consumption and high-fat diets, in proportion to the time it takes for a woman to conceive, but strangely their research found nothing against the link between vegetables and fish consumption. Intake Of High-fat Foods Is Associated With Infertility Problems Among Women

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