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How to know when your child has mental issues

Parenting skills

It's good to understand that your child health matters a lot and many parents tend not to understand that their child have mental issues until the situation is dire.

Here are some sings to indicate that your child has mental issues

1)When he's not feeding properly

Lack of appetite sometimes may mean the brain is not functioning thus the appetite is lost .

2) Loss of interest on others

A child who does not want to engage with others to do things tend to have mental issues and disturbances


A child who frequently disturbs and want to fight others may be not mentally functioning well.

4)Lot of cries and uncomfortably

Most mentally problems comes with uncomfortably and a lot of cries.A child will always show discomfort every time .

5)Poor coordination of words in school.

A child will always have a low understanding and poor coordination of information .

If any of this signs appears take responsibility to send your child for check up after every 3 months

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