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Common myths about the contraceptive coil you should ignore

Contraceptive coil is a long term method of contraception. It is effective in preventing pregnancy, it can be used as an emergency contraceptive, upon to five days after unprotected intercourse. 

The coil is normally inserted inside the womb by a competent healthcare provider. Once inserted, you do not need to remember anything till its expiry date. Removal is very easy, and resumption of potential to conceive is immediate. 

There are many misconceptions about the coil. They include: Interference with sexual activities. When the coil is inserted the threads are used to facilitate removal. They coil behind the neck of the womb. during intercourse the partner is likely to feel the threads.

Some women fear the use of tampons whilst having the coil. There is fear about getting the coil threads entangled with the tampon. A well fitted coil will not get pulled out with a tampon.

Others think that the coils are common causes of virginal infections. Some women will notice increased virginal secretions when using the coil. This isn’t an infection, but a transient benign effect of a foreign body within the reproductive system. 

Some think young women should never use coils, not true. Some think coils are a cause of infertility.

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