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5 Ovulation Symptoms To Help You Conceive

This is a major concern to every woman trying to conceive.This article is the right one for you

Ovulation happens when mature egg from the ovaries travels the fallopian tube When the egg is in the fallopian tube, it can meet the sperm and can become fertilized.

If the egg does not get fertility the egg breaks down to menstruation cycle

Below are signs that you are ovulating

1.Lower abdnorminal pain

This slight pain can last for some minutes to 1 hour

2.Cervical mucus changes

cervical mucus more stretchy and clear. And this helps the sperm to reach the egg easily, and fertilize it.

3. Increased sex drive

If your are ovulating this is a sign to get busy in order to conceive.

4. Some will experience a small spotting

5 Your breast become tender due to the hormone rush

Not all women experience this symptoms so if you do not experience and you want to track your Ovulation time you can alternatively use an ovulating kit

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