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Pregnancy period

Four Things You Should Not Say to a Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women require a lot of support and appreciation. They require encouragement so as to cope up with pregnancy stress and challenges. 

Therefore, there are things you should not say to a pregnant woman. Below are some of them:

1. Was this an accident?

Asking a pregnant woman such a question is simply awkward and might hurt her feelings. If you cant withhold your curiosity avoid inquiring the same from her. She may feel distressed from the past memories which might even be rape.

2. Sleep now because you won’t get any when you get a baby

This might create negative expectations of suffering after getting a baby which is wrong. Just make positive comments that encourage her rather than demoralizing her.

3. You look tired, you must be having a girl because they steal a woman's beauty

This automatically means you are describing her 'ugliness and bad shape'. Such statements can erode her self-esteem which might complicate her stress during pregnancy. Use positive statements that will make her feel proud of her appearance.

4. Haven't you gotten the baby yet?

Most expectant women find the gestation period so long that they feel it's been like 30 years since conception. If you ask such a question you may worsen her state and make her impatient which might contribute to stress.

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