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Pregnancy period

I've Been Pregnant 11 Times But No Single Baby To Show Off All That Time- Woman Painfully Cries Out

Many people are curious as to what happened after Racheal Njoki Munene's story touched their hearts. Racheal Njoki Munene has been expecting 11 times, however none of her pregnancies have resulted in a baby. The 35-year-old was given a pre-eclampsia diagnosis, but she claims the most peculiar aspect of her illness is that she never had protein in her urine.

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Njoki revealed to that she had low amniotic fluid, or oligohdramnios as it is medically termed, and that her blood pressure was always very high during her pregnancies.

Every new pregnancy, according to Njoki, had brought with it fresh hopes that this was finally the time to become a mother. However, at 28 weeks, those hopes would be dashed.

Her ex-husband used it as a means of chastisement and abuse against her, which among other things cost them their marriage. She left the abusive marriage and has since been on a recovery route, but the gap left by not having a child is still there, gaping as it did when it first happened.

Njoki has a cheery demeanor, therefore it may be difficult to know simply looking at her what sad and unpleasant memories she has of the past. She has experienced the life evaporating from her infants' eyes, some in hospital incubators and some in her arms.

Her story has elicited mixed reactions as they consoled, prayed and wished her the best.

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