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Pregnancy period

Men Who Became Pregnant

Have you ever thought about men being pregnant? Myself I have not come across one. Since time memorial childbearing was left for ladies. But, nowadays due to technological advancement some men have given ability to get pregnancy and bear children. 

In this article, am going to show you some celebrities who became pregnant on behalf of their couples.

1. Kayden Coleman.

He is now having two children, both are daughters. According to report, Coleman got the first pregnancy in 2013 where he gave birth to a baby girl Azaelia in 2014 when they were with Elijah who was his partner. Also, in 2020 he gave birth to a baby girl by the name Jurnee on there partnership with Dominique. According to report, Coleman is transgender thus is ability to get pregnancy.

2. Rodrigo.

They are Brazilian couple who became famous after they got their first baby girl in 2021. There daughter was conceived by Rodrigo. According to reports, Rodrigo was born female but transited to a male that's why he had ability to become pregnant. This incidence made them to become famous on social media. Now, they have more than hundred thousands Instagram follower.

3. Thomas Beatie.

He is known to be the first male to get pregnancy and gave birth to a living child. He is known by many after giving birth to four children in marriage partnership with his wife Amber. After giving birth he went viral in social media.

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