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"I Was Childless For 6yrs, When I Gave Birth To Twins My Husband Left Me For Another Woman; Beatrice

Beatrice Wanjiku from Nairobi painfully narrated how her husband abandoned her with twins after she was childless for six years and he married another woman.

According to her she was born and raised in Nairobi. She finished her secondary education and she went to college. After she graduated from college she met a young man in Nairobi and the two got married.

She said that after she got married she didn't get pregnant immediately and she got worried all her age mates were pregnant while others had children. She went to hospital and she was informed that her fallopian tubes were blocked and she needed surgery.

She said that she had the surgery but she didn't get pregnant immediately. She stayed for three years before she got pregnant. However three months on the pregnancy she suffered complications and she had a miscourages.

Her husband was furious a d asked her to get pregnant immediately but it didn't happen. She kept on waiting and using different medications to get pregnant but she was unable to conceive. Her husband changed and he barely left her money or food for upkeep.

She said that two years after she had a miscarriage she got pregnant again. She was excited but her happiness was short lived. She we t to hospital after she experienced a lot of pain in her lowered abdomen and she was informed that the pregnancy was ectopic.

This worsened her situation and after she had another surgery her husband never came to see her in hospital. She went back home hoping that she would get pregnant again. Luckily six months later she got pregnant with twins.

She was excited and she attended all her prenatal clinics. When her pregnancy was six weeks she gave birth to two children. She thought that this would improve her relationship with her husband but it never happened. He barely came to see her in hospital and he refused to pay for her discharge.

Her friends helped her and she went home. On arrival her husband, informed her that he had found another woman that he wanted to marry and he didn't want her anymore. She refused to leave the house and he started to mistreat her. He refused to buy milk daipers on food for er after she gave birth.

She said that she called her friends who decided to support her until she was able to find a job at a salon. Her husband barely came home and one day he came took his belongings and left. She was later informed by friends that he was living with his newly married wife.

She has advised men to support their wives when they are going through the fertility journey or when they fail to give birth on time.

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