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"Please Help my Nephew Get to Nine Months" Lynn Ngugi Pleads For Help

Lynn Ngugi has taken to the social media pleading with well wishers to help her sister raise money to clear her baby's hospital bill.

Lynn's sister by the name Millicent Ngugi, claims she had been in and out of hospital during her pregnancy period due to complications.

This led for her son's early birth where she has been under the care of doctors and nurse since the day he was born.

She claims it has not been easy for her because she is required to take good care of her child. She claims her son has been getting better each and every day and the doctors claims they have to be in hospital for the next few months.

They are forced to spend alot of money daily because they are required to pay for the incubator, oxygen, nurses and also her bed. The baby is forced to be in oxygen throughout until his lungs are fully developed.

Millicent claims as a family they have tried all they can but they are unable to clear the hospital bill and that's why she is pleading with well wishers to help her raise money for her baby's hospital bill.

Lynn has also asked her fans to send her sister some encouragement messages so that she can feel better as she continues to nurse her child at the hospital.

If you wish to help Lynn's sister click her

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