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Pregnancy period

Effect of Early Pregnancy on Teenage Girls Today

The world health organization WHO defines Teens pregnancy as pregnancy in females adolescent under the age of 20. Pregnant teenagers are facing same challenges as other pregnant mother's.

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Teenagers are less likely to be physically fit to support a successful pregnancy. In most cases, they give birth to under developed babies. Majority of teens pregnancy are unintentional and leads to many negative outcomes for the expectant mother, the child as well as family and peers.

They generally do not have enough resources to care and support for the child. In addition they are not able to sustain healthy habits throughout the pregnancy to ensure they produce a healthy baby. In this article, my mission is to educate teenage girls about the effects of early pregnancy and how to prevent it.

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The main goal in this article, is to create awareness especially for the female teenagers. In the cause and effect of teenage pregnancy for them to be aware and knowledgeable enough; to spread awareness and guidance to other young girls who are facing the same challenge of early pregnancy.

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