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How Do Children Play In Your Country? See 32 Photos Of Children Playing Worldwide

Play takes different forms for different children, and its definition entails many aspects. Play is the direct opposite of work; it is frivolous. It provides freedom and invites the impulse to engage in foolishness. Yet it provides a means for ego development and a process by which social skills and physical skills develop as well.

Categories of play

Social/cooperative play

Children around the age of three are beginning to socialize with other children. They are interested in both the children around them, and in the activities they are doing. 

Solitary (Independent) Play

Solitary play is just what it sounds like—your child playing alone. This type of play is important because it teaches a child how to keep themself entertained, eventually setting the path to being self-sufficient.

Spectator/Onlooker Behavior (2 Years)

During this stage a child begins to watch other children playing but does not play with them.

Below are pictures of how children play differently in different countries.

Did you play in your childhood?

Share with us your experience.

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