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Why Older Kids shouldn’t babysit their Siblings

You are giving them too much responsibility

Being responsible is not a bad thing but there is a difference between having your older kid look after your toddler and having them take care of them. if your child is okay with taking care of the toddler then there is no problem but in most cases, they have no choice but to grow up and start being mature.

There should be a line when taking care of your toddler, your older child should not be helping you until they are acting like they are another parent. No matter how mature the kid might behave, never forget they are still children to be stressed with a lot of responsibilities

They are not profession

There are some things only parents can understand when taking care of the toddlers. Do not use your older children as a nanny and expect the same level of devotion and professionalism.

They do not know how to change diapers; hoe to feed babies or even how to react to a toddler’s tantrum. If you want your older kid to help you in taking care of the baby, give them tasks according to their age

They sacrifice their own childhood

An only child in a family has fewer responsibilities than those who have siblings. Those kids with siblings always have someone to look after, someone to help and someone to play with. Parents make them abandon their teenage things just to take care of their siblings.

An only child on the other hand will clean their room, do homework, do dome regular tasks and play video games or just play with friends. Just make sure your kid have their own time to maintain their own childhood and have fun.

You can make your kid’s relationship with others worse

Forcing your older kid to take care of a toddler will surely put pressure on them, they may feel like you are stressing them too much and as a result, they will drive all these feeling to young one.

When they are left alone, the older kid would play an authoritative role as they feel like they are in power, you siblings do not always like this and it may lead to arguments and fights

This is not their job

Always remember that you as a parent you are the one to take care of the young siblings. If you decide that your older children would be helping you, just make sure you reward them nicely once in a while especially if they are teenagers.

If you stress them too much, they may not want to have their own kids in future, do not ruin your relationship with your older children

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