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6 Way Parents Encourage Misbehavior In Their Children

They criticize their children too much

Criticizing a child too much makes them feel like they can never do anything correct or right, do not forget that kids are especially vulnerable. If any parent expects only success from their children, they will push too hard for that, and kids on the other hand will do things the easy and fast was to archive the success, as we all know that fast and easy ways are not always safe, they may end up losing and losing. As adults we understand that we learn from mistakes, we should teach children to understand this and how to handle such situations

They do not present a united front to their children

If a child notices or learns that there is conflict or some misunderstanding between parents, he may be ignoring one parent and run to the other one for help or backup. Once exposed to new tricks and rules, they may feel like you are too harsh or strict, this may lead to them acting against your will

They try to be their children‘s friend

If parents intends t teach and raise their children effectively, they should not be relaxed on rules and discipline. When you decide to be your kid’s friend, you lose the power of authority and their children’s respect.

They give their children too much choice

Few choices that are acceptable to a parent are better than too many that can overwhelm a child. You should be able to choose for your child and know what makes them look and feel comfortable. In the case where a child chooses something unacceptable, thus may force a parent to use harsh words looking like untrustworthy liar. This will force the child to keep nagging to get their way

They do not set good example

Parents should be a good example to their children, they should be very careful in everything they do especially when their kids are around. Children do learn a lot from their parent’s actions and way of handling things, it not all about correcting and discipline, there is also learning

They speak for their children

A child should learn how to speak and interact with different people in different places; they will never learn any of these if you keep speaking for them. This also enhances their courage; they learn manners and social graces by being included in social situations

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