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"Nitawalea Kama Wangu" Meet a Woman Who Has Been Taking Care of Her Househelp's Twins After Her Death

Sarah has amazed many people after she decided she decided to raise her househelp's twins like her own kids after the death of their mother.

According to Sarah, she concidered her househelp like her own biological daughter and therefore when she died, she decided to take care her twins.

Sarah claims that the deceased had earlier given birth to two kids but none of the kids survived and when she was blessed with twins, she was happy to have finally become a mother.

Just five days after the deceased was discharged from the hospital, she had a short illness and when Sarah rushed her to the hospital, she was already dead.

Sarah claims that the twins grandmother is currently unwell and she is not fit in taking care of the two kids.

Sarah claims that many people have been helping her especially by buying nun baby milk which is expensive but through people's love and kind heart, the kids have never lacked milk.

Sarah is now pleading with well wishers to help her stock her business so that she can be able to raise the two kids and she will forever be greatful.

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