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Woman Gives Birth To Twins, See The Surprising Feature Found In One Of Them

Nyambene Level 4 Hospital in Maua, Meru County, reported a very rare case of a mother who gave birth to twins, and one of the babies has a surprising feature. According to the report, this is the first case of its kind to be reported in that hospital.

The mother is a resident of Karichu and Igembe North in Meru County. She was expecting to deliver twins and was shocked to find out that one of her babies had two heads. The news spread throughout the whole hospital, and a local station in Meru got in touch with the incident.

This is among the very few cases of conjoined twins that have been reported. If the two are separated, one might lose his or her life; the gender has not been revealed. However, such cases have been reported around the world where conjoined twins live as one.

Source: Meru Daily News

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