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Pregnancy period

Here Are Urgent Dangerous Signs During Pregnancy That You Should Know.

Baby may not have officially arrived yet, but those mom instincts kick in early—so it’s normal to worry about your child’s wellbeing during pregnancy. Chances are, you and baby are doing just fine, and the real challenge is figuring out how to relax. But sometimes things do go awry.

The key is knowing which red flags to look for. Here, experts explain the pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore, since they may be your body’s way of telling you something important.


Understandably, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy might freak you out a bit—but the good news is that a tinge of blood is often no big deal. For example, if you recently had sex or a vaginal exam, you might have just irritated your cervix a bit (it’s more sensitive when you’re pregnant).

However, “spotting that doesn’t go away within a day or if it’s moderate to heavy bleeding—saturating more than one pad in an hour—or if it’s accompanied by pain, fever or chills, you want to report it immediately to your provider,”

Abdominal Pain

Some aches and pains are to be expected during pregnancy. After all, baby’s getting bigger by the day, and your muscles and ligaments are doing a whole lot of stretching.

The pulling or sharp, stabbing sensations that you might feel on one or both of your sides or over your pubic bone caused by round ligament isn’t worrisome. “What you should report immediately is severe pelvic or abdominal pain that’s not relieved by a heating pad.

If it’s accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, it could indicate something that needs treatment, like a GI virus, kidney infection or UTI—so pick up the phone.

Swollen Hands or Face

Yup, everything’s getting bigger, and a little bit of swelling is to be expected. But pay close attention to your hands and face. By itself, a little puffiness in your face isn’t abnormal.

But accompanied with other symptoms—such as headaches that aren’t resolved with Tylenol, gastric pain, dizziness or changes in vision—swelling in your hands or face could be a sign of pre - eclampsia, Stamps says, which is a complication that requires close monitoring and possible intervention.

Early detection is important with preeclampsia, so let your doctor know if you experience any of the signs.

Content created and supplied by: Nancy Gesare (via Opera News )


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