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Is Having 2Kids Handful? Ivy Namu, Willis Raburu's Wife Narrates Her Struggles

The socialite Ivy Namu narrates how she struggles to cope up with her two kids of 1 year old Mali and the little one saying it's a handful to be honest.She says that it has been overwhelming to be present and international with her babies and finding time for her self too.

She continues by appreciating parents who are present for their kids stating they are doing a good job.To be honest it's alot to take care of 2 little ones bellow 5 years at ago since they all need a mother's attention more than the grown up ones.

It's a big thank you for husbands who always ensures that they be there for their wives to help them with the babies to enable them have their own time to relax and breathe and help them to overcome the postpartum depression.

Thanks for his husband Willis Raburu for his presence.

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Ivy Namu Willis Raburu


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