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'Silent killers' Secrets parents should know about their silent child

Better the devil you know than the angel you don't know.

As you know we have families with no children one child two and even more. Today we focus on more.

In almost every family there's always the funny child, calm child and the one you should fear most the innocent one.

The one who does everything they are told, the one who never answers back, the one who is always reliable and available to almost everybody the one who seems almost perfect to their parents.

Well be warned for this one is the one you should look after the most.

Most of them are very observant. They know every secret because they are trusted.

Why should you watch out for them

One they could be going through stuff they can't share. Reason? they are already viewed as perfect. So they might keep to themselves what they should share with their family. As they say blood is thicker than water. 

Not sharing may cause depression which leads to them secluding themselves. 

They may also pressure themselves to be as perfect as they are seen. 

Two they may not be as innocent as they seem as they could be hiding their own secrets and evils. The things deemed evil but covered by their innocence.

So as you focus on the outright sturbon child,also focus on the obedient almost perfect one. Listen to them carefully and allow them to be open to you.

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