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Children Know How to Make Our Lives Less Dull And These Photos Shows Why

Children have have several ways of exploring the world without thinking of the consequences that may arise and that's what makes them funny and charming to have around. Following are some photos that gives you a chance to laugh at their little tricks and make you realize why they are amazing.

1) After painting the white sheets with dyes and the battery is finally over.

2) And finally this one decided to take out the plates.

3) When they decide to turn the washroom into a classroom.

4) This ones decided to have their first tattoo.

5) When you deny them a chance to be with the rest in the swimming pool and finally they see mud outside.

6) You left them alone and while you are away, they may decide to arrange the room for you.

7) Ooh it tastes really nice.

8) You told her to finally stop using the potty.

9) You'd better not wash the floor today

10) And finally they decide to have fun with your own car.

11 ( Bonus) What would you do if you left apples in the kitchen only to find them this way?


God created the family, and children are a gift from Him. In fact, the Bible says that offspring are a reward from Him! Because of this, God cares about how children are raised and nurtured. Children are a gift from God

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