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Feed Your Kids These Foods To Help Improve Their Academic Performance

Food is very Nutrious and very essential to our healthy, growth and even in the cognitive performances. Food can help in the growtg of the brain even the memory. In short food is very essential to every part of the body.

Children continue growing the brain even after birth and in this food is the thing to help them grow healthy in the brain and memory. Their are foods that you can feed your child to improve the brain mostly in academic performance.

Here are the food you should always feed your children to improve their academic performances.

Feed then Eggs. Like fried and boiled eggs are high in protein and contain iron, folate and vitamin A – all of which are important for growth, repair and development of cells. Give your child 2 eggs weekly to improve their memory.

Salmon fish is also good for your kids since it is a fatty fish rich in omega-3 which is vital for brain development and health, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of the building blocks needed for cell development.

Whole grain foods are also good for your kids they provide essential glucose and energy to fuel the brain. They are also full of B-vitamins, which nourish a healthy nervous system. Wholegrain foods are also high in fibre, which regulates glucose supply into the body also improves short-term memory and attention.

Legumes like beans are also good for the brain of the kid. Beans are high in protein,vitamins and minerals, beans are an excellent food choice for your kids. Bean's are important for brain growth and function. They release energy slowly which keeps them filled with energy, it will help them concentration.

Dairy products are also good for your kids you should feed them milk, yoghurt and also cheese because they are so nutritious and are packed with protein and vitamin-B which are essential for growth of brain tissue and enzymes which all play an important role in the brain.These foods are also high in calcium which is vital for growth of strong and healthy teeth and bones.

Always consider what you feed your kid chose healthy foods to improve their brain.

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