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Parents Of University Students Should Do The Following To Make Siblings Free From Challenges-Opinion

Despite the freedom students enjoy in the universities.There are also challenges they experience.Therefore parents should make sure titution fees is paid on time inorder to prevent the student from missing the end semester examination.

Formulate budget plans for their siblings since the majority tends to overspend.Besides advice them how to overcome depression because several cases have been recorded of students committing suicide due to stress.

Call them and pay them visit since some are likely to be affected psychologically due to lack of parental care thus affecting their performance.Besides convince them to share with you their differences.

Send them upkeep and Follow up their academic progress.Advise them to go to church and participates in co-curriculum activities.Appreciate their efforts through organizing parties to welcome them.

Students should set their objective and avoid comparing themselves with others since people are coming from different backgrounds.Attend classes regularly.Wish you all the best. Thank you

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