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Things To Teach Your Children At Home

We always take our children to school to have knowledge which will be of help in future. As parents we should not leave the work to teachers only, it's good to have some time with your children and teach them some few things which are helpful. Below are some of the things that you should teach your children while at home.

1.Know God.

This is the most important thing you should teach your children while at home. Let them know that God is their creator who protect them whenever they are and they should always pray and thank him every day.


Another thing you should teach your children is about respecting people. Respect starts with themselves and then to all people including children to adults.

3.Seek Permission.

It's good to teach your children to seek permission whenever they want to use other people's properties or go somewhere. This will help them make others aware of using their properties or being aware of where they are and what they are doing.

4.Say Please.

Your children should know the importance of saying please whenever they want help from others or want.

5.Be Clean.

As you have good time with your children, tell them that they should always be clean by taking bath everyday, brush their teeth and dress clean clothes. Tell them that cleanliness is one way of being safe from getting sick.

6.Helping others.

Always tell your children that they should help others who may need their help. Let them know that helping other is one way of getting blessings.

7.Say thank you.

Whenever they are given anything or get help from others they should always say thank you as one way of being nice and respectful.

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