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6 Things that you should never say to a child

A child is like an egg, if not handled with care they might just break. A physical abuse torments a child's mind but even worse are the words uttered. Children grow learning from what they experience and hear and so most likely will learn from what they are exposed to. This is why your conversation with your child should always be healthy and supportive so that the child grows feeling loved.This is what you should never say to a child;

1. “I’m disappointed in you”

Life offers challenges and in most circumstances people who have not achieved so much for themselves carry the blame from their parents. The feeling of being a disappointment torments a child even at his older age.

2. “You live under my roof so you follow my rules"

The last thing you would want is to make your child feel unwelcome or a burden in their own home. This kind of tone to a child can develop a feeling of insecurity and discomfort therefore affecting the child's affection towards you.

3.“That’s how I was raised”

Many learn parenthood from how they were raised. Even though this can be similar, it is not right to dismiss a child's request with claims from your childhood upbringing. Parents can sometimes divert pressure from their children to avoid hurting the child. It is ok to use an example from your past to encourage the child but not to avoid responsibility.

4 “You’re too young to think about this”

Children are always learning new ideas and will constantly be nagging you with questions. Do not avoid answering the child claiming they are too young to know. Find a way to respond to their inquisitiveness without lying or being vulgar.

5. “That’s only for boys/girls”

Children must grow in an equal and just society. If we make them believe that a particular gender is less intelligent or able, then they will grow believing that. Allow your child to explore and learn without worrying about gender bias.This will strengthen the child's ability and open the child to new challenges in life.

6. “You'd better do what I say or else”

Threatening a child could not only lead to a rift in your home but also in most cases the plan backfires. You rather explain why you need something done than force the child to do it.

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