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Effects of Technology on Parenting.

The presence of technological advancements has impacted several aspects of the human life from the education, agricultural, transport, business sectors to how the families are living with each other. Ideally, and based on the traditional way of life, both parents had their innate roles that were predefined by societal conventions and which helped shape their families within the confines of respectability and morality. For instance, the men were tasked with providing and protecting the families downward the family hierarchy (women and men) with women tasked with cooking the best meals for the families, bringing comfort to the men and playing peekaboo with their sons and daughters

However, all along with the advancements of new technologies, these roles have been reversed and the new parenting role is facing unprecedented glitches. We cannot say that technology has had negative effects exclusively, because there has been positivities; for instance, parents are able to use their smartphones and laptops to help their kids carry out their daily home works, this is a parenting role but it has been elevated by the presence of technology. Moreover, there are behaviorists in form robots that are taking care of kids and still teaching kids how to undertake some tasks for instance, teaching kids on how to ride their bicycles. It is instrumental to note that, technology has impacted parenting adversely as the adverse effects outnumber the significant impacts as highlighted below.

Negative impacts of technology on Parenting

Moral degradation- one of the boons that help technology to breed moral degradation is the quality of content that these kids consume online. There is ubiquitous of information that can be consumed online and it is demanding for the parent to sift the content being consumed by their kids. This content include, pornographic films, treachery films that include how to hoodwink people and earn money, tips on how to perform suicide among others. The parental tip in this is to ensure that they keep track on what their kids consume online and if their kids come of discernment age, then it will be ideal for them to bar them from using their phones.

Laziness among kids- this is a gray area that has mothered by the access of technology, kids usually grow lazy drastically as they siphon endless fun from this technology. They are more fixated on games and funny clips, this is an avenue that these kids can use to neglect their assignments and homework. The parent tip in this is to ensure that these kids access any technological device once they have completed their homework, additionally, the access time should be limited to avoid any prospective addiction.

Addiction on video games- one of the issues that compromise the productivity of kids academically is the presence of video games. Many a times your son or daughter will tell you, “Mum niwekee game” this phrase is common before supper or immediately the kid gets home from school. This addiction to video games results to the decline on the kid’s vision as the focus is always on the game and not their academics. Parent tip is, since you as parent you will not like a situation where you confront your kid and hurt them, ensure that you don’t have these video games in your phone and instead replace them with games that compel the kid to fill in English puzzle as this will help them grow their vocabularies

Familial disconnect- it is not the kids only who suffer the effects of technology. Some parents are equally obsessed with their phones or even too preoccupied with particular TV programs and this normally makes these parents to shirk their parenting roles. It is the onus of both parents to ensure that they use their dual complementarity in nurturing their kids. Parental tip, avoid being engrossed in social media and always create time to help your kids because this technologies will be there but it is very demanding and involving to seal a parental void.

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