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Pregnancy period

Mimba Ina Mambo. Vera Sidika Shows Off Her Swollen Face Weeks Before Delivering.

It is often nice to encourage pregnant women out here by telling them how beautiful they look. Pregnancy is usually a long journey that is full of hiccups. From a pregnant woman feeling tired, moody there are many physical changes that almost each and every woman undergoes.

Vera Sidika is currently at her third trimester journey since she is currently thirty five weeks old pregnant and in due coming weeks she will be having her bundle of joy in her hands.

However Vera has revelead that her pregnancy journey has been great as she did not experience the morning Sickness symptoms. Vera actually revealed that her pregnancy has been one of her smoothest journey.

However Vera has been concerned because her face looks swollen. Vera seemed to shy off showing her face to the camera but she hopes the swelling will be gone soon. Below are some of the Screenshots of Vera's post.

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Mimba Ina Mambo Vera Vera Sidika


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