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Pregnancy period

Perfect Ways On How Treat A Wife While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful period whereby a couple works hard as they await to receive an addition to the family. The period Oftenly ends by 9 months or less.

Pregnancy may reach its climax or not. Therefore during the pregnancy period; a miscarriage may be expected, death of either the mother or baby, stillbirth, and also a healthy baby.

Whether the pregnancy may bring positive or negative results the lady/woman in question should be given utmost care by the husband, the immediate family, and the caregivers at the hospital.

These ways include;

1. Baby the lady. This simply means that the lady should be soothed. She should feel supported at all times, loved, and appreciated this is because pregnancy is never an easy task.

2. Massage.

The expectant wife should be massaged at all times since the pregnancy may cause constraints on the mother making her weak this requiring help.

Massage helps to give way to strained muscles, open up sores on the skin.

3.No complaint.

The husband or the caregiver should support the expectant lady without questions. This is because most pregnant women may get annoyed easily.

4. Caregivers should comply with the cravings eg. A pregnant lady calling for a different course of the meal in the night.

5. Caregivers must understand that pregnant women don't exaggerate on anything.They should assist without getting tired.


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