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How And When Can I Concieve A Baby Boy?

Gender prediction can be very difficult. There are a few science backed method that may help you concieve a baby boy or a baby girl.

The male gamete is the one that will always determine the gender of the baby because it caries the X and Y chromosome. The female gamete only carries the X chromosome.

If the Y chromosome will fertilize with the X chromosome you will get XY, a boy. If the X sperm chromosome fertilize with the X chromosome from the the egg you get XX, a girl.

This is how you can be able to determine a gender of the child.

1) Male reproductive cell sorting. In this method a sample of male gamete is extracted and goes through a special cleaning that remove the dead sperm and other seminal fluids. Later the male gamete will be stained using a special dye that will react with the DNA to find the male cells. The male gamete will be played oba cytometer which is a technology that will enable the Identification of particles in a fluid. When the X sperm cell are dyed they can be seen when passing through the ultraviolet light and at this time if a lady wants a baby boy the unseen Y chromosome will be transferred to the body by the technology known as insemination.

2) In Vitro fertilization. This is the method in which the male gamete and the female gamete are taken and fertilization is done in the laboratory. A fertilized embryo will later be taken to a woman's body where there will be implant in the uterine lining and the baby will develop.

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