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How to Engage Your Child at Home During School Holiday Break

All the schools in the country are closing this week for a holiday break for one week.The learners will be traveling home to have a break from academic work.Some of them may have been given a lot of assignment by their respective schools to complete over the holiday.You should assist your child to complete the work as instructed by the teacher concerned but this should not be in expense of manual work.

For parents working in urban areas, consider taking your child to rural areas to spend time with their grandparents.Let them learn indigenous language and their culture from these old people.

Let your child learn the house work, garden work, kitchen work, field work, laundry work, help run the business and do not forget to give them time to play with their friends.This will help them gain experience.

Select friends for your child according to their behaviour and hardwork.

Minimize on academic work like reading and writing throughout the day.

Do not send or allow your child to travel alone for long distances without company.This is to avoid cases of being kidnapped,getting lost,rape and murder.

Instruct your child not to bring friends home whom you cannot identify their parents or relatives neither should you allow them to make visits to friends who in your opinion have no moral values.

Do not hesitate to restrict your child from viewing TV from early in the morning to late in the evening. Control the program they watch.

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