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Dr. Edward Serem Enumerates The Five Leading Causes Of Death During Labor and Delivery.

The cases of stillbirth have risen from 61% in 2014 to 89% in 2022.

While speaking to a local TV station, Dr. Edward Serem highlighted the five leading causes of stillbirth to be:

1 Excessive bleeding after birth.

2 Pre-eclampsia - a condition related to hypertension where the blood pressure goes up during labor and delivery thereby causing complications.

3 Abortion complications – teenagers are involved in teenage pregnancy which leads to unsafe abortions.

4 Obstructed labor- This mainly occurs in places where pregnant mothers can’t access theater facilities. In situations where the baby is big, the mother is expected to undergo a cesarean section and some places don’t offer that service leading to complications.

5 Infections during delivery.

The Division Head of Maternal Health noted that that was happening because of the inaccessibility of the required labor facilities during delivery. Some counties don’t have the required labor facilities and mothers have to go to other regions to access the facilities.

The prominent physician and consultant also noted that despite there being a significant increase in the antenatal clinics, inaccessibility of the facilities to some mothers, inadequacy in the number of health workers, delays during birth, and inefficient referral mechanisms are some of the reasons that result to death during labor and delivery.

He also emphasized the importance of a faster delivery process and the need to conduct interventions to ensure a safe and successful labor and delivery process.

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