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Why Infants Cry Immediately After Birth And What it Means if They Don't

It is quite normal for babies to cry immediately after birth. The cry is important as it signifies the well being of the baby.

When infants are born, they are exposed to new environment other than the one they are used to in their mother's womb.

The foreign environment and cold weather makes the baby to cry immediately after birth. The cry is therefore important as it affirms that the baby's lungs are functional.

What it means if they don't cry immediately

Some babies may however not cry immediately after delivery. This maybe as a result of difficulties experienced during birth.

The doctor will force the baby to cry in such cases and if this doesn't work, further medical assessment will be recommended as this would mean that the baby may be having other underlying medical conditions. The doctor will check on the baby's pulse rate, breathing ability, muscle tone, skin color, and reflex action.

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